The qualitative factors of the turpentine correspond to Russian state standard (GOST 1571-82).

Name of the factor Top grade Density at 20 °T 0,866-0,863 Factor of the refraction 1,456-1,472 Intensity of the colouration not more than colouration of the solution №1 Three-dementional share of evaporation before 170 °T not less than 92 Acid number not more than 0,5

The Turpentine is used as solvent for preparation varnish, paints (for painting), different pastes and mastics, is used for production of the syntetic camphor, which is used for preparation of the celluloid, unbreakable flow "triplex", for stabilization smokeless gunpowder, and in medicine.

The Shipment of the turpentine is produced in iron barrels by volume 200 l or zh/d tank or autotank or in tare of the Buyer. Besides, turpentine may be put in glass vials by capacity 225 ml. Delivery of the cargo is realized by all means of transport. The Terms of delivery are specified in addition.