The released rosin is marked by A (Highest quality). In comparison with best foreign analogue the rosin (mark A) of our enterprises have a relative factors above units. Qualitative factors correspond to State Standard of Russia(№19 113-84).

Qualitative factors

Intensity of the colouration Wg, Ww, N. Mass share of the water, % not more than 0,2 Mass share of the ash % not more than 0,03 Mass share of the mechanical admixtures, % not more than 0,03 Temperature of the softening, T not low than 69 Acid number on 1g. of Product not less than 169 Aptitude to crystallizations absence honey porous setting

Rosin of the mark A has won recognition in our country not only, but also overseas. It has an excellent recommendations when using in following branch:

1.Paper industry - for protacky papers, most often use in the manner of rosin gluing.

2.Fatty industry - for soapmaking is used rosin high quality.

3. In varnish and paint industry - as bases of the varnish in natural type.

4.Rubber industry - for fabrication of the linoleum, of the galosh varnish, for giving rubber to resilience.

5.Oil industry - for preparation lubrificant.

Rosin is packed in cardboard drums by capacity 104 kgs, steel zinc-coated barrels by size 200 kg. Delivery of the cargo are realized by all means of transport. The Terms of delivery are specified in addition