Provitamin concentrate

1. Description of the product.

"Provitamin concentrate" (trade name) is a concentrate of biologically active extractives (neutral part) from pine needles which contains hydrocarbons (5.3%), esters (45%), alcohols (33%) and other biologically active substance.

2. Application.

The product can be used as a biologically active additive in cosmetics and everyday chemistry; as a raw material for polyprenols, "Silbiol", carotenoides and other active substances production


The qualified product has a paste-like consistency with the following quality indices: Outer look creamy lubricous product Color orange brown Odor characteristic for needles Content of water, %. no more than 8,0 Content of carotenoides, mg/100 g dry matter, no less than 300 Content of volatile substances, not soluble in water, % of dry matter, no more than 3,0


4. Summary of "Provitamin concentrate".

The "Provitamin concentrate" which is obtained from spruce tree foliage contains a great amount of natural biologically active substances.

The main components are: hydrocarbons 5.3% including alkanes 2.2% terpenes 3.1% esters 45.6% including alcohols' acetates 31% glicerols ~ 10% aldehydes 0.5 -1.0% oxides ~ 0.5% alcohols ~ 33% polyfunctional, oxygen containing substances 9 - 14%

Biological activity of such well known substances as E vitamin (0.5 - 0.6% in Provitamin concentrate), (3-carotene (0.4 - 0.6%), polyprenols (3 - 4%), epimanool (3 - 4%), geraniol (0.1 - 0.2%), citosterine (6 - 8%) a.o. has well investigated and known. Provitamin concentrate may be considered as a great-value complex of biologically active substances for cosmetic industry. It may be a raw material for several biologically active substances production.